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Back Yard Landscaping

Everyone has their own version of a dream backyard especially when it comes to features, plants, layout…etc. But that's why you have Constance as your landscape designer to make it functional and comfortable as possible.

We understand that your back yard is more than just the features in it, but how you want to feel while playing with your children in your new outdoor living space, or sitting on your new patio drinking your morning coffee while the sun breaks the horizon.

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Front Yard

Even a small front yard design on a budget can turn heads. We can help roll out the welcome mat with easy care landscaping or Xerosscaping.

Annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs, and color-rich trees create a lush landscape that sets the scene for a warm, inviting home year-round. But less is more, our team can help you plant like species in groups and repeat them throughout. Use a tree as an anchor and fill the bed with shrubs. Call on evergreen trees to add form and texture year-round with minimal annual pruning.

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Patio Designs

The best patio designs are an extension of your house– a charming outdoor living area filled with amenities. You can have a warm weather getaway, right in your backyard with the right patio designer.

PATIO DESIGN TIP: If you have limited backyard space, consider screening your seating area from your neighbors with tall trees (which also supply shade), shrubs, or a hedgerow.

We will help you integrate a patio with your landscape. A paved or bricked patio area that ends abruptly can feel awkward. A better solution is to use items to gradually transition, and connect the patio design with the rest of the yard (inset). Irregularly shaped pavers provide a pathway from patio to lawn, and mulch and containers segue neatly into the planted areas.

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Executive Homes

A landscaping strategy is an important part of your home’s exterior appearance because you want a yard and gardens that will improve your curb appeal. That is why we work with you to design the gardens and landscaping.

Whether you are a developer building a new executive home or purchasing one with plans to landscape the property you want the landscaping to reflect your beautiful home. Our goal is a home that looks good on the outside as well as on the inside. We accomplish this by selecting plants that will create a full garden that fills out evenly with time and will be properly set up to deal with shade and sun positioning throughout the year.

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3D Design Rendering

3D design rendering is part of our design service and allows you to visualize what your garden and landscaping design will look like when it is fully grown in. It’s also a good way to make it easier to hire a landscaping company.

Many clients like to work with us first and pay for the 3D design because landscaping can have them start the job faster because they already have a plan ready to go. If you don’t have a landscaping company we are happy to refer you to ones we have worked with!

If you are not sure if you need a 3D design you can always start with our consult service which will give you a plan to do your own planting without the 3D design if you choose not to hire a landscaping company.

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See Your Yard BEFORE You Dig!

We work with you to get a clear picture of what you desire, and transform that into a professionally designed layout for your property. Unique yard solutions for any size lot.

We offer different packages based on your individual needs, and our solutions are prepared for your specific space. A 2 Hour Consultation is the perfect starting point for your landscape. A well planned outdoor space can increase functionality and beautify, plus boost your curb appeal - home value.

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